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I write about the metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics of consciousness - in humans, in animals, in artificial systems, and anywhere else it exists. I'm interested in what things are conscious, how different conscious beings can relate to one another, how we understand other people's conscious perspectives, and how a being having a conscious perspective affects our obligations to it.


I've made dedicated sub-pages with more detail about my academic work on the following topics:



A two-part article in defence of the morality of abortion, focused on what sort of moral weight we should assign to 'potential lives'.

Another article on the morality of abortion, and how ethics, philosophy of mind, and neuroscience intersect:

Talking about my work on podcasts:

I've been blogging for a while on wordpress at The thoughts I post here tend to be more political and more open-ended than published research, but still fairly abstract and philosophical. (Indeed, the blog’s title reflects my anxiety about the potential disconnect between abstract models of justice and lived experience.) I’ve also used it to develop some of my thoughts about the philosophy of gender.

I am strongly supportive of Ukrainians’ resistance to Russian imperialism, and contributed a short statement to the Philosophers For Ukraine project, which you can read here.


I also support the liberation of Palestinians from Israeli occupation and apartheid, and signed this Philosophy for Palestine open letter. As part of this, I am participating in the academic boycott of Israel, and will not participate in academic activities directly associated with Israeli universities which do not actively cut ties with the occupation. I explain my stance on this issue in these posts:

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