Published Books:

2019. Combining Minds: How to Think About Composite Subjectivity. Oxford University Press. 

(Review available here; online presentation and discussion here.)

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Books Under Contract:

Empathic Reason: Imagination, Morality, and the Minds of Others. Oxford University Press.


Published Papers:

Papers Forthcoming:

2022. "Sentientism, Motivation, and Philosophical Vulcans." Pacific Philosophical Quarterly

2022. "No Such Thing as Too Many Minds." Australasian Journal of Philosophy

2022. “Longings in Limbo: A New Defence of I-Desires.” Erkenntnis.

2021. “Dennettian Panpsychism: Multiple Drafts, All of Them Conscious.” Acta Analytica 

2021. “Is Panpsychism at Odds with Science?” Journal of Consciousness Studies 28 (9-10): 116-128.

2021. “Imagine if They Did That to You! The Complexity of Empathy.” In Epistemic Uses of Imagination, edited by Amy Kind and Christopher Badura. Routledge: 279-297. 

2020. “Can We Sum Subjects? Evaluating Panpsychism’s Hard Problem.” In The Routledge Handbook of Panpsychism, edited by William Seager. Routledge: 245-258.

2019. "Review of Compassionate Moral Realism", Colin Marshall, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

2019. (co-authored with Jed Buchanan) “Panpsychism, Intuitions, and the Great Chain of Being.” Philosophical Studies. 176 (11): 2991-3017.

2018. (co-authored with Judith Martens) “Implicit Coordination: Acting Quasi-Jointly on Implicit Shared Intentions.” Journal of Social Ontology 4 (2):  93–120. 

2018. “Why Imagining  Requires Content: a Reply to a Reply to an Objection to Radical Enactive Cognition.” Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 7: 246–254. 

2018. (co-authored with Krzysztof Dołęga and Tobias Schlicht) “Introduction”, special issue on “Enactivism, Representationalism, and Predictive Processing”, Philosophical Explorations, 21:2, 179-186.

2018. "Seeing the Invisible: How to Perceive, Infer, and Imagine Other Minds." Erkenntnis 83 (2): 205–229. 

2018. "The Compatibility of the Structure-and-Dynamics Argument and Phenomenal Functionalism about Space." Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 99 (1): 44–52.

2018. "Review of Panpsychism: Contemporary Perspectives", Godehard Brüntrup and Ludwig Jaskolla (eds.), Dialogue 57 (3): 639-641.

2017. "Rational Agency without Self-Knowledge: Could ‘We’ Replace ‘I’?" Dialectica 71 (1):3–33.

2016. "The Unity of Consciousness, Within and Between Subjects." Philosophical Studies 173 (12): 3199–3221. 

2014. "What Are the Dimensions of the Conscious Field?" Journal of Consciousness Studies 21 (17): 88–104.

2014. "Phenomenal Blending and the Palette Problem." Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 3:59–70.

2011. "There Is No Biotic Community." Environmental Philosophy 8 (2):69–94.


Forthcoming. “Consciousness, Revelation, and Confusion: Are Constitutive Panpsychists Hoist by Their Own Petard?” Dialectica. 


Forthcoming. (co-authored with Philip Goff) “In Defence of Phenomenal Sharing.” In The Phenomenology of Self-Awareness and Conscious Subjects, edited by Julien Bugnon, Martine Nida-Rümelin, and Donnchadh O’Conaill. Routledge.