Published Books:

2019. Combining Minds: How to Think About Composite Subjectivity. Oxford University Press. 

(Review available here; online presentation and discussion here.)

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Books Under Contract:

Reason, Empathy, and the Minds of Others. Oxford University Press.


Published Papers:

Papers Forthcoming:

2021. “Is Panpsychism at Odds with Science?” Journal of Consciousness Studies. 

2021. “Imagine if They Did That to You! The Complexity of Empathy.” In Epistemic Uses of Imagination, edited by Amy Kind and Christopher Badura. Routledge: 279-297. 

2020. “Can We Sum Subjects? Evaluating Panpsychism’s Hard Problem.” In The Routledge Handbook of Panpsychism, edited by William Seager. Routledge: 245-258.

2019. "Review of Compassionate Moral Realism", Colin Marshall, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

2019. (co-authored with Jed Buchanan) “Panpsychism, Intuitions, and the Great Chain of Being.” Philosophical Studies. 176 (11): 2991-3017.

2018. (co-authored with Judith Martens) “Implicit Coordination: Acting Quasi-Jointly on Implicit Shared Intentions.” Journal of Social Ontology 4 (2):  93–120. 

2018. “Why Imagining  Requires Content: a Reply to a Reply to an Objection to Radical Enactive Cognition.” Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 7: 246–254. 

2018. (co-authored with Krzysztof Dołęga and Tobias Schlicht) “Introduction”, special issue on “Enactivism, Representationalism, and Predictive Processing”, Philosophical Explorations, 21:2, 179-186.

2018. "Seeing the Invisible: How to Perceive, Infer, and Imagine Other Minds." Erkenntnis 83 (2): 205–229. 

2018. "The Compatibility of the Structure-and-Dynamics Argument and Phenomenal Functionalism about Space." Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 99 (1): 44–52.

2018. "Review of Panpsychism: Contemporary Perspectives", Godehard Brüntrup and Ludwig Jaskolla (eds.), Dialogue 57 (3): 639-641.

2017. "Rational Agency without Self-Knowledge: Could ‘We’ Replace ‘I’?" Dialectica 71 (1):3–33.

2016. "The Unity of Consciousness, Within and Between Subjects." Philosophical Studies 173 (12): 3199–3221. 

2014. "What Are the Dimensions of the Conscious Field?" Journal of Consciousness Studies 21 (17): 88–104.

2014. "Phenomenal Blending and the Palette Problem." Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 3:59–70.

2011. "There Is No Biotic Community." Environmental Philosophy 8 (2):69–94.


Forthcoming. “Consciousness, Revelation, and Confusion: Are Constitutive Panpsychists Hoist by Their Own Petard?” Dialectica. 


Forthcoming. (co-authored with Philip Goff) “In Defence of Phenomenal Sharing.” In The Phenomenology of Self-Awareness and Conscious Subjects, edited by Julien Bugnon, Martine Nida-Rümelin, and Donnchadh O’Conaill. Routledge.