Published Books:

2019. Combining Minds: How to Think About Composite Subjectivity. Oxford University Press. 

(Review available here; online presentation and discussion here.)

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Published Papers:

Papers Forthcoming:

2022. "No Such Thing as Too Many Minds." Australasian Journal of Philosophy

2017. "Rational Agency without Self-Knowledge: Could ‘We’ Replace ‘I’?" Dialectica 71 (1):3–33.

2016. "The Unity of Consciousness, Within and Between Subjects." Philosophical Studies 173 (12): 3199–3221.


Forthcoming. (co-authored with Philip Goff) “In Defence of Phenomenal Sharing.” In The Phenomenology of Self-Awareness and Conscious Subjects, edited by Julien Bugnon, Martine Nida-Rümelin, and Donnchadh O’Conaill. Routledge.