Forthcoming Books:

Empathic Reason: Imagination, Morality, and the Minds of Others. Oxford University Press.


Published Papers:

Information about my work can also be found at philpeople, researchgate,, and at my blog, majesticequality

2022. “Longings in Limbo: A New Defence of I-Desires.” Erkenntnis.

2021. “Imagine if They Did That to You! The Complexity of Empathy.” In Epistemic Uses of Imagination, edited by Amy Kind and Christopher Badura. Routledge: 279-297. 

2019. "Review of Compassionate Moral Realism", Colin Marshall, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

2018. “Why Imagining  Requires Content: a Reply to a Reply to an Objection to Radical Enactive Cognition.” Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 7: 246–254. 


2018. "Seeing the Invisible: How to Perceive, Infer, and Imagine Other Minds." Erkenntnis 83 (2): 205–229.